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At a G & L Race Night the races are supplied on the night by the compere. Each race has 8 horses, and the audience (or punters) are invited to bet by buying a tote ticket for the horse of their choice. All betting is done by Number and each tote ticket costs a stated fee eg. £1 per ticket, however the punters can bet as many times as he or she wishes. After all bets are in, the compere will announce the odds. Normally the total payout is half what is taken in with the other half going to the fund.

The compere will then ask a random punter to select the race to be run, the lights off and the race is away.

The final race of the night will normally be the auction race, all 8 horses are sold by auction to the highest bidder. The money collected by the auction is normally split 50/50 with the fund and payout to the winning horses owner.

Don't worry too much about this part as the compere on the night will organise the totes and payouts. Below are ideas how to raise as much money before the night as possible.

There are 8 horses in each race and 8 Races to sell which gives you 64 owners in total, selling each at eg. £3 will make £192.
Then you sell off the jockeys in the same way and also the trainers too, which makes £576 from this alone. To help with selling enlist the help of others, if 8 people sell 3 races each then all owners, jockeys and trainers will be sold. For every race that you sell you will need a prize eg. 8 races sold 3 times each = 24 prizes.

To help ensure there are enough prizes for all the winners ask local business's to sponsor a race and in return you will name them in the programme, and also put business cards on tables for them. Getting 8 sponsors at £25 a time gives you £200. Also try and enlist them as punters for the evening.

Other methods
are the Tricast sheet, which works in the same way as a football card, and ticket sales. It is important to sell all these in advance of the event as selling them on the night will only take money away from what would be spent on the totes.   
Other fund raising ideas for on the night would be Forecast, a game of Stand up bingo, Hi Lo cards, money at the bottle, and a raffle. G & L Race Nights provide bingo tickets and large playing cards, the customer will provide their own raffle tickets.

Also by booking a Race Night with a Disco from G & L Race Nights you could increase the value of the tickets to help raise more.

  1. Try to book your race night operator at least 6-8 weeks prior to your event. this gives you enough time to raise your funds before the night.
  2. Sell all your horses as soon as possible. Enlist the help of others to help you sell them.
  3. If selling entry tickets, start selling them about 3-4 weeks before the event. Selling then earlier you run the risk of people forgetting about you race night and lossing thier tickets. Keep the race night fresh in their minds. 
  4. Advertise your event. Posters are a good idea, a small add in your local paper may cost and might not be worth while. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising your night.
The most important thing is to get as many punters as possible to make your race night a success, so make sure everyone knows about it and you are well advertised. Good Luck and hope to see you soon.